Black Book Operations is a home for ongoing projects from the hands of “CiNiTriQs“, a self-taught, multi-disciplinary webdesigner/artist/hobbyist from Belgium.

Where/when I came from, a website consisted out of a couple of horizontal rules combined with animated gif’s, tied together in a completely centered table-based design.
Approximately around 1996 I “designed” (read: copy-pasted / scriptkiddied) my very first online presence. (No longer available… due to… embarrassment.)

I simply love spending hours on end, just sketching, drawing, tinkering and thinking…
Swimming around in CSS/HTML and the occasional jQuery and PHP, fooling around with digital graphics software (Ps – Il – AE – Gimp – …) and the occasional code editor (sublime text/notepad++, just saying… it’s free… USE it!)
Meanwhile I manage a few friendly websites. (WordPress/mySQL/…)

I keep a b/rarely updated blog where you may find “the things I bump into while surfing the web and still maintaining enough stamina to actually share it on this website instead of using the thousands/millions/billions of other ways to share content in a much easier fashion these days… (dinosaurs… and something…)”.

Whenever you need help, or want to commission me for a project (drawing/designing/coding/…), drop me some e-mail via contact(at)blackbookoperations.com or use the contact form.

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