Fiere Margriet – Skullmapping Street Showcase

They projected the story of 'Fiere Margriet' on a small but charming street (Eikstraat), during Leuven in Scène 2012.
'Fiere Margriet' (Proud Margriet) is an old legend from Leuven. In short it tells the story of a young lady who gets mugged and killed by a gang of thieves. They dump her into the main river in Leuven, De Dijle. Her body doesn't sink however, but floats miraculously upstream, surrounded by a magical light.

Making Of:

Teaser for our upcoming street-mapping project 'Fiere Margriet', which will be presented 26 and 27 may at Leuven in Scene.
Teaser shot by Pierre Schreuder.

Aitor Biedma
Filip Sterckx
Antoon Verbeeck

3D-scanning by Mark Florquin
Sounddesign by Valentijn Steenhoudt
Model: Margot Vyverman
Beamers by Cools bvba.

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